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What is Magic Fountain?

Magic fountain is a state of being tapped into your own infinitely regenerating resourcefulness.

It's boundless life force, creativity and flow. It's interconnectedness in togetherness.

It's being one with everything in your uniqueness.

It's acting now, knowing that we have everything we need in the present moment.

It's us when we are overflowing with joy from living our dreams. 

The story 


I've spent years hopping around the globe trying to find my magic fountain. 

It started at 16 when I met my first guru who opened me up to the world of meditation and yoga. 

What I longed for was freedom. All I wanted was to be free. Meditation promised peace of mind. I knew I didn't just want to have a monk life. I wanted freedom and an epic life. A life of excitement, and purpose. The only catch was that I felt like I had nothing to share. No knowledge, no expertise, no good ideas. So I spent the next 8 years trying to get smarter, more interesting, more sophisticated, more critical. Just to find myself totally burned out from trying so hard. 

I realized whatever I was doing was just simply not working. All I wanted was to find something that would unblock me. Something that would work. Something that would magically get me to be happy to be me, to live with ease and to stop being so damn confused about life. 

My first stop was Vipassana meditation, then Zen meditation. I'd go to week long retreats and contemplate on the meaning of life, and who I was. What I found was that the identity of Me was always somehow disappointing. No matter how interesting and excellent I tried to be, it all somehow felt meaningless. And it was so much hard work. That couldn't be the way to live. 

After 5 years of trying to reach enlightenment with meditation, I realized I was hitting a dead end in my separate identity. That's when I began hearing about this thing called ayahuasca. A sacred ceremony led by shamans where you drink a plant medicine brew, then puke it out and meet God directly.  I arrived with lots of questions I needed answers to. I wanted to know the meaning of life, the universe and why we get born into different conditions. But my real intention for the ceremonies was to heal my trauma and unblock my creativity. 

Before I could make it to Peru, I joined a women's support mental health support group, and that's when everything started changing. I began sharing vulnerably with strangers. I started doing things differently. A friend suggested I go to this holistic healing center in central Taiwan, and have a few energy and emotional healing sessions with them. 


As they did their coaching and healing work on me, I remember thinking, one day I will do this for others. My healer at the centre prescribed doing a moving meditation 3 times a day, and most importantly you have to connect to something bigger than yourself. He told me that I need to believe in something, so I can regain my power back.

I grew up catholic and the thought of connecting with that God did not excite me. So I decided to try and connect with the universe itself. I would do my moving meditations, and then sit in meditation and soon enough I began feeling my spirit guides. 

I began getting intuitive ideas about my healing process. I began dreaming again. I began reconnecting with what it is that I really wanted if I had a choice. And that's how I began designing my life. 

I quit doing everything I used to do, and purely focused on my healing and wellbeing. I began working with The Artists Way creative recovery program. In 2 short months I had changed 360°. I decided to leave my life in Taiwan, and go chase my dreams of travel and creative expression.

Before I knew it I manifested a job as a flight attendant and I had my ticket to Peru. My dream finally came true and I could get my 10 days of healing ceremonies. The experience cannot be described in words, other than that it's life changing. I received a map with which I could now find my way back to myself. 

What followed was a period of integration and intense study of healing and reality creation tools. I dived deep into dream interpretation, energy healing, mindfulness and neuro-linguistic programming.


I am now my own overflowing magic fountain of joy for life. As the buddha came back for others, so it is my mission to assist others in their healing and transformation until there are no more stuck miserable people left on planet earth. 


Find out more about my coaching philosophy:

Client testimonials

Julia Anders

I found Jenny’s coaching sessions at the moment when I completely lost hope in a better future for myself. I have come to the bottom of my depression and it was clear that I needed help.


I felt like the old ways didn’t work for me anymore but I didn’t know yet what I should replace them with. I realized that I’m going again and again through the same situations and somehow they get worse each time. That was evident in my relationships with friends, at work, with men.


As we started working with Jenny I realized that I had a long-standing problem of not being able to protect my boundaries. She helped me to see the root of my struggles. Through our coaching sessions and exercises I was able to gain my confidence and started building up my self esteem. I found my voice and became more calm and self-aware.


Another thing I should mention is Jenny’s gentle yet firm coaching style. Personally I liked her energy, positive attitude, full confidence in my success, and how thorough and attentive she was in her therapeutic approach. I loved the consistent feedback and contact we had. She also provided some valuable resources that perfectly complemented our in-session work.


Overall working with Jenny was a great pleasure, just her kind support alone had a positive effect on my state of mind. I would recommend Jenny as a coach based on my eye-opening positive experience that materially changed my attitude to life and most importantly myself.

Nicole Buzan

I had a desire, that I kept hiding because I thought it was impossible. Coaching with you made me see that it wasn't some crazy dream. I could see that it could actually be done.

After coaching with you I have the courage to believe in myself and in my dreams. I feel my self-worth and I now have an understanding that I could bring something of value and not be scared that I would be seen as someone who was asking for favors.

You are so easy to talk to, and you bring humor and honesty. I liked that you're not shy to tell me when I'm stuck in a story or limiting belief. And you also keep it light and fun. I hadn't known you a long time but talking to you felt like an old friend. You heard me, and gave me space to explore when needed, but you also didn't waste time in getting me to see what I needed to see. You are a coach that brings out the fire in the client to make them go for their goals.

James Kelly 

I didn't feel like I was struggling, but I felt the desire to allow / create a little more fun / play in my life. Coaching with Jenny helped me realize that this lack of expression was leading to frustration.


Our calls helped me realize that creating time for guitar / drawing, etc. could add color to my life; that my days don't have be all about work and that it's worth doing for it's own sake.

I liked how she obviously cared and that she's had some experience in this area. I felt comfortable speaking about it with her and I felt understood and challenged at the same time. She created a good harmony with both energies. 

I also liked the fun we had. We laughed a lot. I felt you were present and that you genuinely wanted to help me and that you were prepared to do that gently and firmly. Thank you, Jenny.

Karishma Velandy Pallath

Prior to coaching with Jenny, I was struggling with feeling unsure of what direction to take with regard to my life purpose/career and feeling very confused and blocked. The coaching helped me to realize that my old passion and desires are still alive in me. It helped clarify what I should do next.

I have a greater belief in myself because of the mirror that she held up to me. She reminded me of my true nature through the way she saw me which has been really priceless. I am also not as scatter-brained as before. I have a more defined idea of who I am and what I am meant to do.

I loved her grounded, gentle, patient presence. She didn’t push or overwhelm me. She asked me insightful questions that gently guided me to towards the answers that were hidden within me. I could open myself up easily to her because of her open and non-judgmental nature. I also like how generous and genuinely interested she is in me and my life as a human being and how she held me accountable for my goals, which motivates me to actually do something and not procrastinate so much.

I recommend Jenny as a coach because she can really cut through layers of self-sabotage, self-deception, and self-doubt very quickly and shine a light on your true light and true path. You can save so much time and get a clearer sense of self and direction in life just by coaching with Jenny!

Gabrielle Haili

I was starting to notice that I was meeting so much resistance in the way that I was structuring my business and personal life. I wasn't sure why or what I was doing wrong, but it felt off and like I could no longer keep things the way that they were.


Jenny's a creative genius. Through her ability to hold the space and ask the right questions, she helped me to see that there is this creative, artistic part of me that is dying to come out and be a part of my life. I shut this part of me off when it came to my priorities and because it's not there, there's a part of me that constantly feels unfulfilled.


Because I have had this awareness, I have been able to implement painting and metal work into my breaks and I feel like I can breathe easier.

I am aware that suppressing the creative part of me for the sake of making the best use of my time is hurting me.


Now I am understanding that expressing myself fully even when externally it looks unproductive, I am able to open myself up to this space where I am receiving even better ideas and solutions for my business. It seems counter intuitive to do things that you consider fun instead of working long hours, but I am getting more done in a shorter period of time. Being intentional about this new way of life has me even more excited about my day ahead.


I now have art days blended with my coaching days and quite relieving. Jenny's ability to hold this loving and creative space after she questioned me really allowed me to explore my deeper truths. These were the deeper truths that were hidden by my own limited thinking.


I honestly don't think that I could have come as far as I did if Jenny were to have taken it upon herself to tell me what she thought I should have been doing.


If you're looking for someone to help you that listens deeply, is willing to help you dig deep and hold space for you to see what's actually true for you, she's the perfect choice.


She is a loving, spiritually in tune, and creative genius who does not bind herself to what society teaches us. She is all about helping others find what works for them and exploring that.

Kia Stewart

Initially I assumed our session was going to be centered around views or feelings pertaining to money. Following the initial coaching session I was able to properly identify my real hold back had nothing to do with money at all. After my session I was able to find direction and actually get back on track toward my goals.

I was able to break free from confusion and stagnancy and now embrace the journey ahead of me with clear Passion and Direction.

I Loved that you stayed with me even when it seemed uncomfortable for me to proceeded in the direction you saw could lead to a breakthrough.

Jenny Picco you have a way of pushing through difficult situations with a firm and caring way that I know many would benefit from.


Prior to booking a session with Jenny, I was struggling with knowing who I was or what I wanted in life and how to take steps towards discovering that, and after a couple sessions I now have a clearer picture of what those might be. 

I now feel like I am truly in control of my own destiny and I no longer feel like I am always the victim in life. 

What I like about Jenny's coaching style is that she is very understanding and kind, and facilitates an environment that helps you to confront aspects of your self that may be harming you. 

Anyone who would like guidance on how to start putting themselves first and discovering who they are should choose Jenny as a coach! 

Caio Ceccon

Working with Jenny was quite an insightful experience. She helped me to structure my life in line with my values. Together, we developed some tools and strategies to get me out of constant firefighting so that I had more space to consider long-term plans and better prioritize some of my core values and needs that I have been neglecting for a long time. 

One aspect that Jenny was helpful with was the introduction of weekly reviews on my routine by introducing a framework to track and review how time and energy were spent so I could compare aligning those resources with my goals. With that practice came the realisation that I wasn't prioritising enough activities to recharge myself, leading to mental fatigue and inability to handle the demands I had in life.

All in all I loved my sessions with Jenny. She is great at reflecting what you said back to you so that you can see the insights for yourself and then she guides you to your own wisdom and intelligence. Another thing I loved about coaching with her was that she creates a very comfortable non judgemental atmosphere.

Monique Joubert

Sandra Ehlers

Being gifted with a rich and complex inner life, the thought of being coached by someone else has always come with some resistance for me. Will they truly understand me? However, I trust Jenny, and know her ability to cut straight through to the truth with compassion. For me, this is what true healing is about.

I came in prepared with complex and deep matters of the heart; intellectualized in my attempts to understand the truths beneath. Jenny's direct and simple approach and clarity helped me quickly go to the core of my struggles. The insights helped me, over the following days, to release emotions I'd been carrying for too long.


And with that came a deeper understanding of how and why I had felt unsupported in my life and work, and how to better meet my needs so as to embody my authenticity more powerfully.

This process really wasn't trivial.


I am deeply grateful for Jenny carrying me through such a delicate part of it. Just at the right time, and with just the right input for me. The insights have been invaluable for me moving forward in authenticity and peace. From my heart, thank you Jenny for your help to unravel the knots.

Jenny’s heart is fully into what she does. She loves this work. She breathes it. She thinks it. And she is very passionate about it. I’ve seen her take delight and genuine interest in people and their lives, in such a sincere manner. She is also sensitive, insightful and intelligent. This combination in innate talents, make her perfect for being a coach in my opinion. In the time she coached me, she helped me put a light on my resistance and insistence on staying stuck in certain negative modes of thinking, which clearly weren’t serving me. She just kept shining a little light there so that I eventually couldn’t ignore or unsee it myself anymore either. Change doesn’t come in a day, but awareness does, often in an instant flash, with the help of a sensitive and caring outsider who can see clearly the things you can’t yet, and who knows how to bring this to the light for you. I highly recommend her. Thank you for your light.

Omii Chen

I came to Jenny because I was struggling with my relationship. Jenny asked me questions would never think to ask myself. The shift that these questions created in me was instant and magical. Something started happening in my mind, and the connections I was making were revealing insights that changed everything for me.


I recognized my patterns of mistreating myself. Specifically of not feeling worthy, important and deserving. Now that I am able to see where this belief that I don't matter was formed, I realize I have a choice in rewriting it. I cannot express just how much this has changed everything for me. Immediately the next day, I could see that I value myself more, I felt like I deserve to treat myself and be treated well. Much better than before. 

People have pointed out to me in the past that I made choices which were not good for me, but I used to think that I'm just naturally self destructive and that I'm hopeless and that theres nothing I can do to change it. That it's just part of my personality.


Jenny helped me value myself and see myself as important, and get ideas for how I can actually implement my new awareness in all areas of my life.


Jenny is incredibly skilled at navigating the mind. It's like you're driving, and you know you're lost, but you don't know how to get back to where you were heading. Jenny is like the Navigation that gets you to slow down, then you begin to see more signs, which makes you look around, and you start finding your way towards your right direction. And when you find your way toward back, you just feel amazed thinking how come I didn't see this all along?

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