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how to manifest from the heart

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Theres a lot of talk around manifestation in town. I mean on the planet. Last night I spontaneously connected to my ancient way of manifesting. I manifested the way I used to manifest when I was a child. Back then it was called making a wish. As an adult making a wish is too simple. Just the thought of making a wish immediately inspires resistance. A wish! A wish is not manifesting.. it's just wishful thinking. I make a wish, and immediately my left hemisphere army of clerks clock in and start running their calculations.

The objections all come in the form of questions.

What are the odds of this happening? How disappointed will I be if it doesn't happen? Who will grant my wish? Am I that powerful? Sharp painful irony. How ironic that it's actually me who has to allow myself to get what I want. Cosmic comedy. I have to claim the responsibility of deciding whether I deserve to get it? I now have to find a reason for why I deserve this. Do I really deserve it?

When in fact the most powerful manifestation formula goes like this:

You feel a wish in your heart. Something that you know from the bottom of your heart would just make you so insanely happy. Just like when you were little. You just did things because they were fun and made you happy. Why not now? Allow yourself to feel it in your heart. Allow yourself to fully go into the fantasy just for fun’s sake. In your vision you look around yourself and you see that it's not just you the wish owner that is happy, but everyone around you is also happy because of what you wished for. They are glad that you made your wish, because it's also good for them, they just didn't think of making such a beautiful wish. That's pure manifestation gold. The catch is that we don't actually have that many wishes that vibrate at this frequency of love and pure joy.

So the way to get better at manifesting what we want is not actually to visualize and revisit the vision each day. It's not cutting out pictures from magazines and making vision boards. Those pictures are not accurate representations of experiences, feelings and adventures your soul really wants to embark on in order to grow and achieve its longings.

Each one of our souls reincarnates into this world, for the god knows how manyieth time. We reincarnate over and over again into different avatars, for the purpose of play and learning about life's possibilities. If we never run out of lifetimes to reincarnate into, then why would we reincarnate with some serious missions? Wouldn't we want to experience the subtler things in life? Would we really reincarnate for surface level goals?

The process of getting better at manifesting is actually the process of allowing yourself to feel. Really going deep into your heart, and feeling when it is contracting in disconnection, and when it is expanding in inclusiveness. Including the other, and through the other, connecting with the whole world. By opening our heart more, we connect deeper to the collective and in turn we begin to see other peoples happiness as our own. In that state of connectedness it's easy to feel worthy of receiving. You know that at that level you are not taking anything by receiving. Giving and receiving is not for the individual. It's the joy of the collective.

The universe sings with songs of joy. Anything that makes your heart sing, will most definitely not leave the heart of the universe unmoved. To become good at manifesting, ironically is the process of dropping importance around what we want by dissolving the self into the ocean of all life.

The portal is the self. It's getting curious about who is this person called I? Look at yourself carefully. Look at what you are, and look at all the places in your being where you are uncomfortable. Where you wish you were better. More. And then take a deep breath, and say: advantage. Actually what I perceive to be a lack is my advantage. Then your world will change, not by changing, but by a shift in perspective. Everything that seconds ago was a problem will become perfect as it is. And so will you, just as you are. You will have accepted yourself as you are. This is the key to getting divine creation power. This is who you pray to when you pray to a god outside yourself. It is you who needs to grant your wish to yourself.

In order to be able to do this granting you must first accept all as is, including the hardest thing to accept, which is you. It is in this state of accepting all as is, and not resisting the way things are- that you actually are emptied enough of your judgements. From this place of equanimity, anything you wish for is not from a place of this is better than that. It's from a place of knowing that all things are equal. There is space and freedom in all of them. All of them vibrate to the same song. So you just simply choose what would make you feel happy today, knowing that tomorrow you may choose to play another role, another costume, another play. Just for the fun of exploring what is possible. Thats the grand game that god is playing. Now it's up to you to wake up in the dream, and realize that you are the god that came up with this game. What if you were the creator of your layer of reality?

When you engage in playing the game according to these non-rules, you will know that your wish is granted because it has moved you so profoundly and intensely that you just simply cannot imagine how it would not move the heart of the universe. This way you just simply know it will happen. You are already happy in it. Then you put it out of your mind and move on with your day.

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Jun 26, 2022

I can hear a lovesong toning inside me .. and our hearts Will go on and on 🙏🔮🐳


Apr 19, 2022

Every word of yours is a gem that came from the depths of the Spirit. I can resonate with them so much and I hope to come back to these often to remind myself what is the true "Spirit" of manifestation. Thanks for sharing these insights. Great blog!

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