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Living towards the renaissance

If I could go back in time and change my education, I would just love it if instead of all the useless stuff I had to memorize I had actually been taught about intuition, dreams, spiritual connecting and the inner workings of a heart and mind connection. That would have been fantastic. But sadly our education system is not geared towards producing little shamans. I wonder why not though? Why do we not think that its important to have spiritually connected people make up our societies?

This is what I am aspiring to create with Magic Fountain. A place where people can heal from their conditioning and grow out of victimhood into total creative ownership of their lives. I want mass healing and I want generational passing on of trauma to stop with our generation.

We have entered a time of fertile soil for total transformation of consciousness. We now have all the tools to facilitate our own healing, which in turn puts an end to trauma creation in ourselves, and thereby ripples backward in time and heals all our ancestors.

I grew up understanding that this is the most important work I have to do. I had a clear understanding that it will be the best use of my energy to first heal and release all the trauma from my system, get clean and then from there on create the life I want, free of any burdens. I always felt that a life chosen and created by me, where I say what is mine and what not will be much more successful than trying to get through life managing the symptoms. It just so happens that my own path perfectly coincides with the changes that are happening on a macro level.

We are now entering a new phase of humanity where the old ways are slowly coming to an end. Sadly our generation was unprepared for the transformation of consciousness that was brought about by the event of the internet. Now lots of us are finding ourselves waking up to a world where we see more and more examples of everything being possible. It's just that we were brought up with mental models of what is possible that are based on a small town materialistic thinking of a pre-internet world. Your parents and society were not wrong to warn you of breaching out entrepreneurially and following your dreams, because they saw that even small dreams such as becoming a history teacher were limited to how many teaching posts there were per students graduated.

My mission is to help move as many people as possible from a fear based living to a way of looking at the world from a place of trust, so that we can start creating a world based on what we do want instead of reacting to what we don't like in our present system. Buckminster Fuller said it best when he said: „You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.“

The great news is that we were actually born with incredible resourcefulness that we can tap into to reprogram our beliefs towards beliefs that are suited to this new reality. Let's call them renaissance beliefs. We can do the inner work that is needed of us to adapt to this new reality where the old world is dying off and whatever would have been the responsible thing to do in the old world will just simply work less and less.

We will be gently forced into a new world. This change can either be chaotic and painful or it can be a fun adventure. It depends on us, whether we decide to resist change or cooperate in the creation. Ultimately we will be happier in the new system, as it will be a sustainable system. A world with less miserable and frustrated people also turns out to be a much more pleasant world to live in. It's a world that is designed for higher consciousness levels. Where it's natural to just be your authentic self and follow your heart doing what you love the most, knowing that the numbers are on your side. You will create from a place of knowing that we are all one big ocean and you will feel supported by your fellow drops.

You will no longer be able to work for someone else doing what you don't love, when you know that you could be greatly happier just using your gifts. It will become so easy to be supported that it will no longer make sense to live from a place of fear and scarcity thinking. You will do the math and realize that what your parents tried to scare you with, now actually becomes your advantage. If in the past you tried to run your calculations and you came to the conclusion that your dreams are not viable because theres too few people in your town that would support you doing your weird little niche passion, now with the power of 24/7 unmanned online shops you will realize that there is more than enough for you. That you can just be happy doing what you love.

But how do we do the deprogramming of that automatic habitual way of thinking about old probabilities that no longer apply to the new world? How do you stop that nagging voice that says be responsible and get a job that pays instead of "risking" it and just running with what you love? Or even worse, trying to produce or alter what you really want to your generic idea of what people want and like? That sort of thing will never truly fulfill you in the long run. It's time to engage in a process of learning how to connect to your spark and your intuition, so you can start moving in your unique direction where there is no competition. Where you will operate with such high conviction because your life and your projects will be infused with intense love energy that will simply be impossible not to be felt and loved by others.

I believe this is why I was gifted my trauma and long struggle of being stuck, blocked and confused. It all happened in order for me to distill what works and then use that to guide others through the process of coming into the fullest version of themselves. A version of yourself where you live in alignment with your unique gifts and purpose, where everyday is a celebration of life.

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